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    • Hello Bernard, I have looked at your video. I must say you've done a fantastic job and it is a great credit to you It shows an amazing range of tooling but a lot of them are only for clock makers whereas this forum is mainly for watch makers ( there are some clock makers here but in a minority ) There are also a load of general workshop items which would be of use to any of us but to sell them all to one person would almost be impossible. I have been thinking of reducing my collections of pottery and Haig memorabilia but to sell them individually is a daunting task. l would say that it would be worth advertising the larger stuff such as the lathe, pillar drill, grinding wheel also the staking set, but then you need to contact a tool dealer of used tools and get a price for everything else. You will be very disappointed with the offer but at least you will get rid of a big headache in one go. I am going to the Harrogate show on Saturday and I think there will be two tool dealers there. If you want I could ask them whether they would be interested in your workshop and put you in touch with them. I sold all my surplus hand woodwork tools to one of them last year and while I didn't make a fortune I got rid of stuff I was no longer using and made some space. let me know if you're interested in going down that route and I will pass on what I find out. You can contact on this site. all the best, Mike           
    • You can do that but be warned you might be dealing with radium. The problem is without a Geiger counter you can't be 100% sure whether it is or is not but from the 50s they were still using radium.
    • Thanks.  I'll get some crystal glue and nail varnish and test the two.
    • Hi, Welcome to the forum.
    • Welcome.  Very nice watch.
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