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    • Hi All, I have a 1950's clock which the minute hand lume has broken apart and fallen out. The lume has broken in to 4 parts and are all recoverable as they're laying on the dial. My question is can I reuse the old lume. Can it be reconstituted and if so whats the best method? I was think pecil and morter in to a fine powder then add bindng agent. Any thoughts welcome, I can't seem to find any mention in any posts.   James
    • Let me read through the thread, I have forgotten what all you done so far.   Best.
    • Hi every body, I'm new to this forum and I recently decided to learn more about watchmaking, service and repair. I decided to take up the course as hobby. I recently brought myself a Rolex Daytona which I work hard for and would like to share with everyone. 
    • Jon this is not a forum for selling tools. If Bernard is a member of the BHI he can advertise these items for free in their monthly mag. The other option would be ebay or contact a specialist company such as Pennyfarthing tools.
    • Location might help with ideas. Yours is always a challenge.  You could give it to some worthy and lucky chap, but how do you find the right candidate?   Find the nearest NAWCC and advertise in their newsletter?  Put it up as best offer with X% donated to them? If the goal maximize the dollars (doesn't sound like it), start photographing each piece and listing it on the local e classifieds - obviously a huge time commitment, ugh.  Or list as a package deal with a low price to more or less induce the sale.  Many I'm sure would be happy to get all of it at some bargain price, but few woke up this morning with all of it on their shopping list - for quick and painless, you have to price induce the sale imo. Its the age old problem for those of us in specialty hobbies amassing a world around us.  In a way we're all just caretakers of this 'stuff' so I guess what matters is  goes to the next caretaker vs scrap bin or rusting away somewhere which is sounds like is the intent
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