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Do you keep your screwdrivers in the carousel?

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So when I first got the watchmaking bug I bought an inexpensive set of screwdrivers:


I'm noticing that when I keep the screwdrivers in the carousel the smallest screwdriver bit becomes loose and cocks off at an angle.  Every so often I have to loosen the set screw, re-seat the bit, and then re-tighten the set screw.  

Does anyone else have this problem?  Does EVERYONE keep their screwdrivers in the carousel, or do you keep them in a box?

Also, I'm thinking I might want to keep an extra cheap jeweler's screwdriver around JUST to use on the set screws.

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I've noticed with my Bergeon set just from use every few weeks the grub screw will loosen and need tightening. The screwdriver tip will wait parallel to the body though, it will just slip down during use.

I like to keep them within the carousel just to keep things tidy on the bench, and for ease of finding them.

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