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    • By DouglasSkinner
      I have an old Waltham pocket watch movement which is missing the impulse pin (roller jewel).  I have a limited number of actual jewels and since this is just a practice movement I thought I'd try to make one out of brass.  I've seen this several times in old pieces--usually a very sloppy job.  So I got some brass stock of the same diameter as the "D" in the roller table, filed it and burnished it to a high gloss.  Then I took a small, very fine diamond file and filed it half flat to form the "D"  I then polished the face using progressively finer sandpaper on a steel block.  This works fine--so far!  Problem is separation of the piece from the stock.  Again I used a small cutting file to do this but it doesn't leave the end very pretty.  So what I've done so far is to fit the good end into the roller table.  I then plan to shellac it in place and see if I can very carefully adjust the length and clean up the end.  Has anyone done this before?  Any suggestions as to how best to do it?  
    • By east3rn
      Hi I have a movement which I think has some serious problem.
      I serviced it a week ago but the timegraph shows great gap between results with dial up position and dial down position.
      Also the balance seems a little shaky from horizontal view when watch is running.
      What can be done to make this watch run in appropriate way?

    • By GeorgeC
      I am in need of some advice on how to get a mainspring working in a Waltham 0s hunting case.  This is a complete restoration of a rusted watch - spent way too much time on it already.  I have it cleaned up now and in process of finalizing assembly but the mainspring I have installed keeps slipping from the center hub/barrel arbor.  Hook of arbor hub appears fine and the tail of the mainspring is hooked well in the side wall of the barrel.  I have installed 2 new but old inventory mainsprings and wanted to know if this may be the problem and I just need a new fresh mspg?  I have installed many mainsprings but this one is terrible.  I am using a pocket mainspring winder to install. 
      movt serial #9535224
      You can see my original mainspring below.  I will add a picture of the inside of the mainspring barrel when I get the chance.
      Thanks for any help,

    • By Bill3
      I have a problem with a Bulova pocket watch.  The watch was running, but losing a few minutes every day.  I opened the case to see if it was dirty or if there was an obvious reason for running slow.  I did not see any problems, but I took the stem out.  When I started to replace the stem a piece of the winding mechanism seemed to leap out of the movement and sail away.  I think it was propelled by a spring.  It took several hours, but I found the piece on the floor.  
      Now for the problem.  I cannot get the piece back in.  I have rotated it into several orientations and tried to find a peg to fit into the hole in the runaway piece, but after several days, I cannot get it to fit back into the watch.  In the pictures below you can see the piece oriented in a way that I think it should go.  An oiler is positioned to point at the troublesome piece.  In the other picture the piece is removed and you can see the springs that are supposed to hold the stem in place.  That piece no longer fits into the groove on the stem and so I cannot secure the stem.  The third picture is a picture of the dial of the watch.  
      Does anyone have a suggestions?  
      Thank you, 

    • By TinTin
      I have just bought this on eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-1917-Elgin-Pocket-Watch-Beautiful-Octagon-12S-Case-Not-Running-/331529042187?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d30abb90b&nma=true&si=steVwbb4TuJ0zQh2WWiGY4LpEJ4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557) as a project for myself. 
      I have never tried to disassemble a watch before, because the interest to watches is a new hobby. 
      About this PW I bought, the mainspring is working because i managed to release it, and re-wind it. The hairspring is also working (i think), because I tried to move the balance-wheel and it is doing 3-4 movements until it stops.
      Also the crystal is bad I think, and needs to be replaced.
      So; is this a project that is manageable by a newbie?
      What equipment do I need? Is i.e. this good enough as a starter-kit? http://www.amazon.com/Premium-Watch-Repair-Reusable-Aluminum/dp/B00CZDBXU6/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1430563002&sr=8-12&keywords=watch+repair+kit
      When it comes to lubricating, I saw another posting about that, but when it comes to cleaning the mechanics - what is the recommendation?
      What else do I need to think early about, to have ready?
      Where do I find crystals for this watch?
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    • Big thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Ok this movement is highly complex and it is not recommended for the novice, but then again when i started my first movement was a Seiko 6139 chrono and the watch is still running in my box but i had a couple donor parts movements. So if your going to undergo this endeavor you should try and get a parts movement which may be hard to find and also check out the link below. As far as cleaning goes an ultrasonic is not generally needed to do a good cleaning. Some distilled water with detergent nylon brushes and peg wood will suffice, you can rinse in 99% alcohol but make sure you DO NOT use alcohol on the pallet and balance wheel. You can get a decent ultrasonic for under $100 harbor freight has a nice one for $60 if you are in the USA. In that case you can use naphtha or Ronsonol lighter fluid. You can also do a naphtha soak prior to hand cleaning as well in order to attack dried up old oils. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pierce-Cal-134-Chronograph-How-to-PDF-Book/372688650391?hash=item56c5f98097:g:R2YAAOSwRSddASsX
    • Buy some scrap  movements  from Latvia  or Ukraine. 
    • The Google of everything has your answer.
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