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    • It has the original crystal but the fit, while firm, is not what you would call tight.  
    • Hi  It is likely it will become an issue but there will probably be a GRspring available at cousins need to know the height , thickness. length and barrel diameter in order to decode cousins springs on offer , but for now it will suffice whilst we get to the bottom of the lack of power.  So with just the barrel, spring and its associated bridge fitted it still lacks power, does the barrel rotate ok with no spring power freely, is the spring fitted to high and binding on the barrel lid (look for scrape marks), does the barrel rotate ok on the arbour without the spring fitted, just the barrel and bridge and arbour fitted. Is the arbour binding on the bridge or barrel all need to be considerd.    cheers
    • I've asked. It came originally from SE Asia and anything is possible. Cosmetically good though. I've just opened it up -again - and it's a cal. 565. It doesn't do my nerves any good handling it because that unobtainable sweep second hand won't tolerate a single refit...
    • Nonsense!  None of that has anything to do with me personally, if you think it does you have simply ignored half of what I have already said.  I'm very well aware that every hobby that has ever been invented in the history of mankind (and with a web forum dedicated to its providence) has the same type of gate-keeping.  have a good day!
    • Sure! That's quite clear. I just wondered if they were complete rubbish. The recent "elliott" looked shoddy the more I viewed the pics.. dial and hands. If I'd paid 900 lsd for this sub-min I'd be unhappy... but I paid a tenth of that, and the seller didn't pass it of as anything but a mini brass clock. That it is. 
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