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    • I just grabbed this 1971 vintage Seiko Lord-Matic. It was being sold as a non-runner, hopefully nothing is actually broken.  I'd like to replace the Crystal, but it looks like there isn't a direct replacement currently available on the internet. At the very least the dial needs some attention with some kind of stain around the day window. Updates will follow as soon as it arrives.
    • Hey, bit late to the party but I use the Elma 1:9 too. I have spent a lot of time trialing different strategies for cleaning parts. The best I have come up with is Elma 1:9 in an ultrasonic at about 40C for 4 minutes, then rinsing the parts basket in distilled water at 40-50C twice, the second time in the ultrasonic. For some but not all parts I use pure Isopropyl alcohol as a final rinse. I have a gallon of the Suprol rinse here doing nothing but posing a fire hazard. Because I hate the smell of it and also, no matter what I tried it would leave some residue on the parts after drying. I have an Elma S10, non heated ultrasonic cleaner, it works very well. I just run my tap to get the water temperature right, and considering the short cleaning times the water doesn't cool down much.
    • Could you please help me with the crown? I have these buttons, but what does that 9/24, 9/28 etc means? 9 or 8 are the thread size right? 9 is 0.9mm? But what is /24 and /28 and /30? Would that be 2.4 2.8  and 3 mm? I tried to compare a 9/24 to a 9/30 but the 9/30 does not seem to be bigger in any dimension? Not even sure if the right sized buttons are in the right container. I am trying to find a silver button for the silver case. Would be nice to know how the original looked like.  
    • Depending on your location,  Esslingers,   Jules borel,   Timesavers (USA)      A.G.Thomas, welwynwatchparts.co.uk,      obsoletewatchandclockparts.com in the UK.  a few to have a look at
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