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    • How does that work?
    • I thought the same.  I have an old Luminox that I wore when I was in the field (electrician).  The only metal is the crown and clasp.  I took a short length of #12AWG wire, which is made up of many finer strands, and curled the wire to create a base/pedestal, stripped off about 1/2" of insulation, and separated the strands into . .. how to describe. . . spokes of a half-opened umbrella, sort of V shaped.  I placed each hand on a strand, manipulated until I had the hands with the visible faces upright and horizontal, placed on a piece of large newspaper, and hit the gold hands with black spraypaint with very light, quick swipes.  Repeated until the hands were colored, and voila.  A look at the watch now, you'd never know the hands didn't come black.    Don't see why you couldn't do the same.  
    • I think the Lorsa 8FA is our winner! Neat! I agree with the lack of anything "Swiss" anywhere on it, and looks like I was right about the French looking shock spring. This will be interesting. The movement pictured is the one that's not supposed to be working, and is out of the one watch that's not quite like the others. I have no reason to believe the others won't have the same movement. <$2 for a French watch is pretty solid. Let's see how things shake out. Work is done for the day, time to start hunting for more "494 Club" fodder!
    • I had an experience recently where a watch was experiencing similar problems. After MUCH looking I finally found the lower hole where barrel arbor rests was oval and barrel had lots of play. I happen to have a old movement so I switched the parts to the old movement plate and problem was resolved. So, I guess my reply is to see if barrel arbor upper/lower holes are worn and causing excess play and wobble. Regards
    • Sadly those Accutrons don't show up at the 404 price point, but they are pretty tempting. One day I may give in and pull the trigger on one anyway regardless of the price. Meanwhile I'll keep looking, you never know.
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