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    • I have no idea how to do that as I'm devoid of social and forum navigation skills. Having successfully replaced many springs on the  DG2813 (you just need to look at them and they ping out)! ETA and AS movements are a dream to work on,  but when that spring breaks! This 2836 just got a new Incabloc. Does it matter how old the thread is? I apologize for upsetting the apple cart.
    • Welcome Jess and Dad. Don't be too nervous. The only bad question, is one that is never asked.
    • I wouldn't attempt this on a genuine Breitling without a lot of practice. Re-luming hands is possible, and most of the watch repair suppliers supply lume as either individual colours or a kit of colours, however the technique requires considerable skill and patience. You also need to remove the hands from the watch, as the lume is applied from the rear of the hands. If you do consider attempting this, even in light of what I have said, then at the very least, obtain a few cheap watches to practice on first. Also watch this lot, it gives a lot of context to the problem, and some good tips.    
    • Thanks guys, I highly doubt he will ever post anything directly (technology is not his strong suit bless him!) but may have the occasional question from time to time that would be asked through myself, he wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to online forums!  He has just received a new watch today, apparently it's a JLC so am keen to go take a peek later. I may know nothing when it comes to watches but I love seeing them get repaired and work once again! Looks a little too fiddly for my level of patience though 
    • I have seen similar results once when I had forgotten to tighten the stud screw. But perhaps more likely cause would be bent balance pivot, which produced the ame kind of results on another occasion. 
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