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Hi WRT forum members,

I am a newbie to watch repair, based it the UK, I have changed batteries and adjusted bracelets in the past. I am starting out with a modest budget using Amazon tools and eBay movements, as time and ability progress I intend to upgrade to better quality tools. I bought a bag of cheap scrap movements which turned out to be from ladies watches and were tiny, not a great place to start, have dismantled them but there is no way I can rebuild them with my ability as they are so small. Next I have moved on to a vintage pocket watch, a much better size but after a bit of research I now realise that an Ingersoll pin palate watch is not the best first choice of watch as  they are fiddly to rebuild. I have managed to rebuild it and get it from a non runner to a working movement (with some problems that I'll save for another post).

Future projects include

7S26 movement (non runner) overhaul

Elgin or Waltham pocket watch overhaul

Build a watch from eBay with full strip down of movement

Seiko SKX007 / SKX013 various mods

That lot should keep me busy for a few months, I'm off now to practice my tweezer control (ping)

Best regards to you all


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