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    • Fantastic work so far. If you have the skills and tools to make it yourself the end result is always far more satisfying than a cheap off-the-shelf solution and you get something built to your specific needs. I commend you for doing drawers, they're fiddly and time-consuming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Morning all.  I've been looking for a Super Elite jar and the only ones I can find are from England (I'm in Australia). These things weigh about 700g and are fairly compact. However the cost of sending to Australia is indicated at approx 60 to 70 pounds.  To me this sounds exorbitant when Royal Mail quotes approx 11 pounds with full international tracking.  That is for up to 2kg with the sum of W+H+D no more than 90cm. Am I missing something? Even with 10 pounds worth of wrapping material, a box and bubble wrap, I would have thought it would be on third of that price. I'd be interested in any thoughts on how to get a more reasonable price. Cheers, John
    • if you are new to running a lathe,  use a 3 jaw,  jacobs' and collets.  most nubies are afrade of a  4 jaw because it takes much more time to  get it "on center".  with some experience,  a 4 jaw can be put on center in15 seconds.
    • When I'm reading this discussion are we talking about cleaning the watch movement parts or the watch case parts?
    • Go to YouTube, search video by " staying sane " see his video Elgin 293 Disassembly at 4.01 into video you can see levet at 6 o'clock at very bottom of screen, it is in up, locked poistion. see linkage to keyless works. Movement put in case this way time cannot be change by crown.  
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