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Pierce 103SC Information


Hi there,

I'm working on my Pierce 103SC and would really like to find some more information about Pierce watches, and the 103SC in particular.  I've scoured the internet as much as I can but have come up blank.  Does anyone have any information on this brand/this movement or know a place to look?  Specifically I'd like to find datasheets/manuals/catalogs about it.

Thanks in advance!

PS.  It's basically this watch, but with a nicer dial (in my opinion): https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Rocail-military-swiss-watch-cal-pierce-103-SC-50-S-for-parts-or-repair/254201434142?hash=item3b2f96101e:g:Td4AAOSwoF5cjd2m

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Haha, I was debating dismantling that but decided not to since I don't have a puller or a press to do it.


Thanks for the info, I hadn't looked at julesborel before!


I've actually got it "running" except one of the balance endstone springs just broke :( (I mixed up the top and bottom jewels).  Hopefully it's a standard enough part that the local watch repair place will have a spare they can sell me.  Right now the watch only runs if it's perfectly level, any inclination and the one jewel upsets and the balance stops.  Hopefully that's the only problem with the balance haha.

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