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    • I just began this journey, ordered a tool kit from Esslinger, watched countless videos on you tube, and graduated myself to a level of ‘ready to disassembly tech’.  This was not a good move.  I grabbed an older Chinese CTI tourbillion and proceeded with my task at hand.  Before long I had the watch apart.  So any small parts I could barely see.  I proceeded to begin cleaning same and this may have been the beginning of my problems.  Everything wen refine until I began removing the balance wheel assembly.  The spring removed itself from the Rest of the piece.  I could go on but why? So now I have this watch in 1000 pieces and no useable balance wheel.  Can’t find any reference numbers to Help me orders new wheel assembly or info that might help me reassemble.  I know the watch isn’t worth the trouble or the cost of a replace,met  balance wheel but am thinking (scary) that it will be helpful to me to reassemble all parts.  YouTube always make things look so easy. Any advice is always appreciated but no comments on my sanity please as I already know. Wes
    • I don't own a single luxury watch but I'm contemplating getting myself one of these (detailed info here). In your opinion, should or shouldn't I go for it! It's housing an ETA 2824-2 (Breitling calibre 17) and Breitling's retail price is £3000. On Chrono24 they can be had for 20 % to 25 % less.
    • Hi,  Thanks John, Just wondering where you found this part? I had already checked on Jules Borel site through the 1530, 1560 and 1570 and found nothing. Went back and checked 1575  there and still no luck. I had thought of pushing it out and rotating it around to get more coverage of date ring with the stud but it's so thin and rusted I was afraid that it would just fall apart. If picture were better you would see that instead of a small arc of the stud covering the date ring there is just a small piece of it left in that area. Thanks.
    • This 'old thing' today....well I have had it for over 50 years  
    • Do you know parts by name? if so I can start assisting  you step by step, if not I need to mark on the pictures as we go, I prefer the first method.
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