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I purchased this Luminox off ebay for parts and repair for $30. The movement got wet. I purchased the replacement ETA 251471 for $39. That was the easy part. The tritium tubes were also burnt out. You can buy the tubes for about 8 bucks each off Amazon. You can also send it back to Luminox to have them replaced for an ungodly amount. I purchased this chinese tritium tube watch for $45. The tubes are exactky the same size. Perfect fit. The tubes are held in with a recess in the dial ring so theres no glue. It was super easy to replace them. Ill have about $100 bucks in it. Not bad for a fixer upper. 41d15535ed4be840e23317ea933b1014.jpg27d24a1251c95c115cbdf7373387dbff.jpgb66b1b59c8eb82232b35674d98a78d96.jpg0e304875d1cc48bb2fd7182afc035037.jpg


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Wow, fantastic.

My luminox is was what brought me to this hobby.  The watch was given to me as an engagement gift from my wife, some 17+ years ago.  Some years ago it took a hard whack and the second hand fell off.  Took it to a jeweler and was told they needed a special licence because it was radioactive ~$250 to fix it.  Watched a few bunn special and mark's videos and fixed it.


The lume is definitely dim now so here's to a new project!




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Didn't realize how long I've been fooling with watches!

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