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German WECKER D.R.P. & G.M. Alarm Clock

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Well just picked one of these up at a local antiques fair, cost a fiver missing crystal and the alarm hand has snapped but minor faults. 

The picture is taken from the internet as mine is in the workshop at the moment.

the whole thing is only about 2” square, I popped out the movement  earlier just for a look and the balance is ok but it’s filthy so will benefit from a good clean etc.

has anyone any info on the movement please, not worked in one before and don’t want to wreck it when I get round to bringing it back to life, cheers in advance



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Adding a few more pictures of mine, just dropped the movement from the case and now back together awaiting the love.

Haven’t found a makers mark or cal. But don’t really expect to, so I hand it over to the forum for any additional information that I might need when I start on this gem.







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Whilst I was taking the pictures I gave the balance a little nudge to make sure the staff was ok and it decided to give a couple of very painfully slow tick tocks so all is well, will just need to inspect and clean etc and get a new crystal and Alarm hand and hopefully another to the collection. But first I have to finish me “like” an 8 day pocket watch!!!

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