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    • A faceted crystal has ..faces but not a lip. Seiko did not use glue often, and the crystal will not leave by pushing with a thumb. Fortunately, Seiko helps watch repairers by classifying and documenting the case construction, here we have an "A" as stamped on the case back. Attached the guide. A good discussion is at https://www.plus9time.com/seiko-case-back-information BTW, I recommend the OP to use the "Watch Repairs Help & Advice" section when it's repair question like this. One advantage is that there answers can be rated and marked as resolving.   1982.03 Seiko Case Servicing Guide.pdf
    • Well abused Elbon.DIY leather strap.
    • Hi Jeffie and welcome. With the Seikos you’ll fit right in   Have fun and chat away.
    • Thailand. I thought Mark mentioned Taiwan in one of his videos and perhaps mistook it as a joke. I've not traveled much.  Been in the Rome airport a few times and spent a few weeks in Greece, but never lived anyplace more exotic than Kansas City.  Living in the Ozark hills was culture shock.  You know how far I have to drive to buy anything like decent scotch?  It's a day trip!  I would love to see the U.K.  Give up my artillery and move there?  I don't think so. I suspect Mark is having at us.  I suspect he has made so much money off of us he has moved to a large country estate!
    • Hi, Im a new member and wanted to introduce myself. Ive been collecting watches for about 4 years and just fascinated about the watches themselves, the movements and the history of the brands. I own one of my grail watches as a gift to myself for being with the same company for 25 years. It is the Seiko emperor tuna sbdx014. All my other watches are lower mid tier watches. Mostly Seikos and a few micro brands. Thank you so much and looking so forward to learning from all of you Jeff
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