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Omega Speedsonic 1255 - re-assembly problem


Hi all,

I'm working on my quirky F300HZ Speedsonic with the 1255 tuning fork movement.
It had a dicky reset (too soft) so I decided to service it.
I have the chrono plate all together, it functions beautifully without the chronograph wheels.
When I fit the chronograph wheels with the little hearts it won't go back together.

I tried pushing the wheels with an oiler ( I have been able to align bridges with 7-10 wheels before no worries), no luck.
I have the chronograph in "running" mode when I re-assemble it so the hearts of the wheels can line up with the reset levers.

Anyone got any ideas??

The service manual is in German.

Anyone who's serviced one of these will know the trick.

Also I lost a foil washer that sits on top of both wheels - is this critical??????/




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I figured it out in the end. It required turning the runners until they fit in just right.

Weirdly When testing the movement, the chronograph reset was very hard and positive. As soon as I re-cased it all - it is back to a flimsy reset.

Anyone familiar with this movement??? I don't want to strip it down again - would have liked a solid reset, it just sort of plops in with a gentle touch.

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