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Greetings from NYC

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Hi all,

My name is Jim. I recently came into the possession of a couple of vintage watches and I’ve come across this forum as I’ve been trying to figure out how to get one of my watches running. I have zero experience with any of this but I’m very intrigued and admire your passion for watches and repair/restoration. I’m a woodworker by trade so I understand quality, appreciate the old ways, and really like vintage things, machines, tools etc. Thanks for reading!

my goal is to get the Timex in the attached photos running. I just think it’s very beautiful and the thought of some crappy quartz movement swap-out kills me. Not gonna do that!



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Well dear friend you are welcome to forum... 

First you have to get basic watchmaker tools like screwdrivers, tweezers and movement holder... You can find all on eBay...  Before attempting to repair, please watch Mark's videos with extreme caution...  Then make some practice on cheap movements, if you don't want to be disappointed with a simple fault. Especially if your watch is valuable... 

Ask any problem you encountered and enjoy the forum please...  


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Hi Jim, welcome to the happy factory. Loads of excellent advice on this forum from some really knowledgeable people. The answers are just a question away. When I said lots of knowledgeable people I wasn't including myself. 

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Welcome to happy valley Jim In answer to you question Regarding the Timex The member on here with the timex knowledge is Jerseymo who has all the service manuals etc. As Asmobrat states before delving in first look at Marks videos and get a handful of reasonable tools, screw drivers tweezers and loupe or two to start with.  Timex were designed to be cleaned as is, removing the dial and hands just leaving the raw movement, Cleaning with benzine, Lighter fuel, or carburettor cleaner blowing dry with air and light lubrication (use the correct oils) anything other will lead to problems in the long run. Having done all that enjoy the experience. Any questions just post them we are all here to help 

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    • So, I'm gonna try and post a couple of photos shortly, both Seiko of course for reasons stated earlier.   The blue one is apparently called the "ashtray" bezel. It winds, works, keeps good time, over the last 8 hours anyway, the only snag being the day pusher function does not operate every time.  The silver one is a Seiko deluxe which does not wind or work, in fact it makes a disheartening rattly noise when shaken, like something has come adrift inside.  They were purchased as items for me to take apart and study, then hopefully reassemble, having cleaned and lubed.  The ashtray arrived from India today, the deluxe arrived from Japan today, both were ordered last midweek. How easy these days to begin a new hobby, what with international freight, the Internet, and training vids on you tube. I may not even renew my porn subscription, this hobby could save me money!!!   Next purchase will be a set of intro level tools, then to business. 
    • One option for white is to use a toner reactive foil. This is what I used with success: https://www.circuitspecialists.com/pcb-trf-white.html I didn't use decal paper for printing but used toner transfer paper. My presumption this would still work with the film-less decal paper. Getting the toner reactive foil to work is tricky though. It requires both heat and pressure. Too much heat and pressure and entire dial turns white. Too little and it would only partially stick. It also requires some brushing to remove any bits of foil left over. It took a lot of time, practice an patience for it to work for me but it is certainly possible. I wouldn't recommend this on a dial you only have one-shot with, try with a blank you can practice with.
    • Ah yes, a coupla good ideas there!  I'll go find a welder and cadge a rod, that's a cheap option. Thank you fellas. 
    • Thanks, nickelsilver!  You mean, the first hairspring, the one still mounted is beyond repair? I haven’t touched it. If it is what you meant, it’s disappointing.  Thanks for the clarification on the vintage tools!
    • Can we have a look at the back. I'm sure the movement comes out from the back. That is not a waterproof case. 
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