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I have an ETA 2750 movement and I need to replace the mainspring.  My catalogs don't cover this caliber.  The current mainspring, based on my measurements has the dimensions Dennison (Metric), W: 5 1/2 (1.45 mm), T: 9 (0.13 mm), L: ~ 14 1/2" (368 mm).  However, due to its age and the fact that it's been serviced before I'm not completely sure the old spring is the correct one.  So my first question is are these the right dimensions for the proper mainspring for the 2750?

My second question is does anybody know some part or catalog numbers for the correct mainspring by some different manufactures of springs, such as Marco, Nu Vigor, Sandsteel, etc.?  I have some cabinets of mainsprings from which I might be able to get one but I need to know the a catalog/part number--some number I can cross reference to what I have.  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks.

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