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Hi, I’m Darak from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, WA

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Dear all,


I’m Darak Chen from Seattle, WA, you can call me Darak(same pronounce as Derek), very happy to find this professional community, before I found here, I always posted some deep questions on Facebook, like ”Why my timegrapher measurements have big divisions?”, show the measurements data but nobody had replied to me, for sure I repost the same question here, if you know why, please reply, thanks.


I’m an electronic engineer, work at a tech company in Kirkland, WA as a product engineer, I have hardware engineering and manufacturing background, so mechanical watches are very attractive to me, I got my first Seiko 5 when I was 18 from my mom as a birthday gift, had it for a few years and the apple watch came out, so I got the first gen Apple watch and gifted the Seiko 5 to my cousin.


Four years later, two months ago, my apple watch wasn't holding the charge for a whole day anymore and I missed my mechanical watches, so I got a Seiko SARX055, love the frosted dial BTW, and got some watch tools like a basic watch kit to adjust the bracelet, a timegrapher to regulate the watch, and I found myself really enjoy to work on tiny mechanical stuff.


And now I’m really want to learn about watchmaking, watch a ton of YouTube vids every night about watchmaking, it’s so interesting.


As a product/hardware engineer, I also start making my own watch winder, I’ll attach some photos and video, it’s still work in progress, using a very affordable Wyze Cam Pan parts and I designed the watch holding part, will start design the enclosure soon, the final product will be a watch winder with a security camera function, everything is 3D-printed for sure.


I’m pumped to join the professional community, if you have any questions please let me know and thanks for your time.






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    • I am looking for a camera with a macro function to photograph my work.  I had a 18 or 20 megapixel Sony point and shoot that worked great for super close pics, but lost it in a fire.  Dont remember the model but it was a pocket sized camera I could zoom and focus on pallet stones with excellent definition.   It was less than $200 US.   Now I can’t find a camera that will do the job for less than $500  Any suggestions?
    • Can you repair my Timex Rally also? 
    • I have a small confession. I "fixed" it after that picture was taken, by carefully carving the notches back in to the brass with a sharp knife. It looks and winds a whole lot better, but yes, the real fix would be to replace the crown. The wear  to the crown and the plating suggests this is a well used watch, so the results of the service are all the more impressive. Edit: The crown carving was done by removing the crown and stem assembly and grabbing its shaft in my rechargeable drill's chuck, then cutting in to the surface with a sharp modeling knife blade. The original notches were barely visible, so some good light and a steady hand were needed. The result is vastly improved in terms of both looks and function, but a new crown would be the correct solution to the problem. 
    • yikes that crown is worn!
    • Ebay (or AliX for new items only) are definitely your friends, be it for a new watch build, parts or restoration project without the hassle of driving around just to find that IF there was something interesting for a good price it has been taken already.  Watch this video by our host Mark Lovick and consider enrolling the online course for a complete, gradual education and certification.   
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