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    • By Bethan36
      Hi there. 
      Just starting out out on my Horology journey, have all the gear and trying to get an idea with the help of Mark and his online courses. 
      If anyone has any good websites, books, wisdom to share, I’m all ears and very greatful in advance!
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    • Hi all,   I'm new to this fascinating discipline.   I'm a plumbing and heating contractor by trade.   Been in that industry for 35 plus years.   My other interests include gunsmithing.   I stumbled on to one of Marks YouTube videos and I was drawn right in.   I've always been interested in mechanical things.   Thanks for all of the information I've already received.    Hope to pursue this and gain skill and knowledge. 
    • Hi JDM, This is super consolidation work. Huge help. Thanks very much.
    • I had the same problem on a pocket watch. Turned out to be a loose impulse jewel. Re-shellaced it and all was good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Look at the spring position BETWEEN the regulator pins.  If its central to both pins, I vote to leave it alone.  The old guys (Fried and De Carle) often suggested using a slight bend in the hairspring  to centralize the spring position between regulator pins.  It does appear to be a little eccentric.   At any rate, I doubt your slight kink would be a reason for low amplitude.   Good luck, RMD
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