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    • im sure there is a video on that.   basickly you pry it off and snap it on - is it steel or plastic?    vin
    • The value of a watch is truly a subjective thing. You may have grown up with a quartz digital watch that came in a blue plastic case with your favorite children's cartoon character on the face and cost $5 and to you, this watch is absolutely priceless and irreplaceable. Someone else may have inherited their grandfathers Rolex which turned out to be an ultra rare model worth nearly a Million dollars and they quickly sell it and pocket the money without a second thought. You'll also find people talk out of their posterior regions frequently and truly don't have a clue. One lesson I think you learned from this experience, knowledge is power!
    • I did something similar here.  Old balance wheel with different hair spring.  I was told that balance wheels are paired with hair springs and don’t mix.  I’m only a beginner but my problem is here   
    • Hi I just inherited an ascot Krippl watch, it was manufactured in 2009 and was bought ten years ago in a u.k store, although the watch is ten years old all it needed was a battery. The watch is in excellent condition, someone once remarked to me recently the watch looked like cheap crap. I inherited another Swiss watch and the similarities to the ascot is uncanny, both are stainless steel backs and waterproof. The ascot watch was bought in a Lidls store. When I was in Berlin recently I never saw any ascot watches in a Lidl store. It's a pretty robust watch and has got the manufacture date and serial number on it. They are highly collect able as they are sold on e bay which was a complete surprise. So the person I had spoken to recently binned the ascot off didn't know what she was talking about as I did my research !
    • Hi All I'm a beginner.  I've been unusually successful in bringing this AS 1950/51 back to life (just dirty and oily).  I now want to polish out the crystal scratches.  How do I safely remove the bezel so it's not impacted?   I've not done this before.  Bezel still twists and looks like there's a plastic ring underneath.  Do I just pry at that notch with a screw driver?  How do you get it back on?  This is not a necessity.  So if any risk, I won't attempt it. Thank you Charlie
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