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    • Thats an interesting solution to a missing cap jewel.  I've seen that recently, discovered under a balance top plate, maybe wasn't here on our forum.  If its a filling you have Nev i think you should speak to HectorLooi,  he used to be a dentist 🤣
    • Yes, exactly... followed alex's video.   I have an older favorite set, but I bought this set because it was cheaper than replacing the few missing pushers, and I figured I'd get a whole set of stumps as well. That set cleaned up great following Alex's instructions.
    • OP says that htre balance oscillates OK. It is possible that the missing cap stone is 'replaced' by piece of main spring under the stone plate. It is just a filling that i have...
    • I own the original Omega professional Speedmaster Mark II (1975, 861 movement), which is stunning, but my real love is the 861 "Moon-watch". Looking at the prices asked for these real "moon-watches", I'm afraid that one will stay a dream and the Mark II will be as close as I will ever get ........which is pretty darn close, so no complains here !! 🙂 However, today I discovered the Pagani Design PD-1701 V3, a design "borrowed" from the Omega Speedmaster. It has a terrible Seiko VK63 quartz movement 😔, but with (at least something) a mechanical chronograph 😃. My Mark II has a mineral glass crystal and I'm scared to scratch it, so sadly, despite I wished for that it could be different, it won't be my daily watch. The Pagani PD-1701 V3 may just fill the gap; a "moon-watch" look, sapphire crystal and for "no" money; € 120 including shipment ....... The reviews are good, so I ordered one ...... 🤗 If, at a certain moment, it gets too "quartzy" for me, I can swap to the real deal 😎 Very curious about this Pagani 🫣   I'm certainly not into quartz movements / watches, but I have to say that I'm impressed how the VK63 is build; my hats off !    
    • Sooo, after initially following @HectorLooi's advice and kinda abandoning this project and then following @VWatchie's advice of waiting patiently for a good deal on a complete set, my moment has come: For an incredible 125 EUR, I managed to get a pristine (basically unused) "new style" Steiner set. It's the large set with the center wheel runner. In addition to two perfect lantern discs (hidden under the covers), a another perfect pair of spare runners were also included.  The burnisher was not included, but after such a bargain on the tool, I treated myself to a new Bergeon burnisher. And a pair of retractable keyholders ;-).  Now I need to practice. 
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