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    • By AdamC
      I have a lovely antique cylinder escapement pocket watch that I've serviced and got running beautifully but now I have a problem with the minute hand falling off. I think it's known as a pin hole fitting hand. On measuring the hand it shows approx. 0.40mm, and then on measuring the arbor diameter with the vernier guage, it's also 0.40mm so it's very near but won't even grip when mounted. Photos provided of the job.
      Does anybody have a technique I can use to get the hand to fit?

    • By JFJ
      Hi everyone! I'm J from USA. Could anyone please help and instruct me on the best way to set my Valjoux 72C? I have a Ref 6036 and don't want to ruin it!
      Thanks in advance!
    • By x83
      I was given a 1973 seiko lord matic (5600-9001) recently and I am very fond of it. The acrylic is in pretty good condition and the case isn't too scared up. There are only 3 problems with the watch. First, the case is a little bit dirty between the lugs. Second it gains about 15 seconds a day. Thirdly, the original bracelet is too small, so I tried to replace it and found that one of the spring bars is stuck. I don't really know what to do with the watch so I came here to get some advice. Should I take it to a local  jeweler, send it to the seiko service center (probably a bad idea), or try to work on it myself? If there is anyone on the site that is able to work on the watch I would consider that as well.
      Thanks in advice for any advice.0
    • By jonny
      I'm need help identifying this trench watch movement, if anyone can. I've not removed The face yet but this might be enough to identify it. The hair spring is too far gone and needs a replacement probably easier to replace the balance wheel than replace the hair spring. 

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    • I'm back! Sorry about that, I have been without internet for over a week and have only just got it all sorted out. Being off grid I rely on 4G for my internet. I thought there had been a problem with the local mast but it turned out to be a problem with my router. Never mind, all sorted now. watchweasol - Thank you for those tips, I will send them a message and see what they have. JerseyMo -  Hello to you and thank you very much for all your input. I hadn't even considered about the interchangeability of the hands, I just assumed that they would fit both mechanisms. I was under the impression that the M75 movement was the same as the M25 movement but a nicer movement with jewels. Just that information has saved me a whole lot of work and disappointment. To be honest with you, I wasn't looking forward to attempting to swap the faces over. It was just that I have the 21 jewel movement and it seemed like an easy way to fix the watch for my daughter.   If it was possible for me to either buy the parts I need or find a suitable doner watch, I think that would be the way forward. My problem with sourcing a doner watch is that there seem to be a number of similar looking timex watches with slightly different size watch cases which logic tells me will have slightly different length winder stems? I have attached a couple of pictures with dimensions on for reference. I have also noticed that the black plastic bezel is also cracked. Does anyone know if these are available? Any help with sorting out this watch would be most appreciated as I'm beginning to feel that maybe this is a much bigger job than I had originally thought! Many thanks to you very knowledgeable people out there! Grae
    • I just grabbed this 1971 vintage Seiko Lord-Matic. It was being sold as a non-runner, hopefully nothing is actually broken.  I'd like to replace the Crystal, but it looks like there isn't a direct replacement currently available on the internet. At the very least the dial needs some attention with some kind of stain around the day window. Updates will follow as soon as it arrives.
    • Hey, bit late to the party but I use the Elma 1:9 too. I have spent a lot of time trialing different strategies for cleaning parts. The best I have come up with is Elma 1:9 in an ultrasonic at about 40C for 4 minutes, then rinsing the parts basket in distilled water at 40-50C twice, the second time in the ultrasonic. For some but not all parts I use pure Isopropyl alcohol as a final rinse. I have a gallon of the Suprol rinse here doing nothing but posing a fire hazard. Because I hate the smell of it and also, no matter what I tried it would leave some residue on the parts after drying. I have an Elma S10, non heated ultrasonic cleaner, it works very well. I just run my tap to get the water temperature right, and considering the short cleaning times the water doesn't cool down much.
    • Could you please help me with the crown? I have these buttons, but what does that 9/24, 9/28 etc means? 9 or 8 are the thread size right? 9 is 0.9mm? But what is /24 and /28 and /30? Would that be 2.4 2.8  and 3 mm? I tried to compare a 9/24 to a 9/30 but the 9/30 does not seem to be bigger in any dimension? Not even sure if the right sized buttons are in the right container. I am trying to find a silver button for the silver case. Would be nice to know how the original looked like.  
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