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    • Very odd to have a plastic liquefy in that manner! Typically, plastic gets harder and brittle over time, especially when exposed to the oxygen in air. I have only ever seen plastic liquefy like that when exposed to certain solvents, even then, only certain types of plastic. I suppose it's possible someone used an adhesive of some sort to immobilize the movement in a half assed attempt to replace a lost or missing spacer prior to your fathers ownership. Adjusted for inflation, your fathers watch cost him $131.43 in today's money. 
    • Hi   What a watch to produce those figures with all that gunge, looks like its had a varied life 46 years worth.  It will come up a treat  and ok for another 46 years.
    • Hi Curtis  and welcome to the forum.  If you can get the back off the watch and post a few pictures of the movement the members will have a better idea what they are looking at.     cheers
    • Hi   brilliant I found one, again on ebay so will invest the £20 odd pounds   China  seems no one else makes anything      Thanks       Cheers.
    • Hi  the problem with rules they have to be policed and not every one obeys. Quote "rules are for the guidence of wise men  and the obeyed by fools "  cant remenber who quoted it I am not sure wether it was Winston Churchill   UK wartime Prime Minister.
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