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    • By rduckwor
      If this is inappropriate, please delete the post.
      I have an acquaintance who is closing his shop due to health after 43 years.  He has a large quantity of parts, stems, crowns, crystals and all the paraphernalia one would accumulate after a long period in the business.  He needs to liquidate his shop.  This isn't a "Hey do you have a __ for a __." kind of post.  We're talking serious stuff here.  Mass quantities.   If you need parts, equipment, etc. for your practice, please let me know.  I will pass along his email contact  to you.  Obviously, this is useful primarily only to those in the U.S. due to shipping costs.  But he has a huge amount of useful goods and is 100 miles South of Atlanta.  PM me if you need something.

    • By BrianG1
      Hi, I have a few bits and pieces, and clocks. And I am very interested in horology tips, conunundrms etc.
    • By marcoskaiser
      Would it be interesting for this forum to set up a list where we could exchange things like parts and tools?  I happen to have duplicate tools from my lot purchases, and feel that those could be better used. No money involved. Would that be feasible?
    • By Lenj
      Has anyone got one of these lathes?? if so are they any good for repairing pivots etc..I know they would not be any use for heavy work, but thought I would ask first..
      Have a good weekend all..
      Thanks Len

    • By tagawa
      I got a nice surprise gift in the post from my aunt which she found at an auction, labelled "watchmaker's tool". Certainly looks attractive but I'm not sure what it is! My instinct is a staking set but as I've never seen or used one, I could be wrong, and my image searches don't throw up anything similar.
      Suggestions on another forum included a hole punch for watch straps or a sizing tool for jewels or caps. Can anyone help with the answer?

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    • Complete from the US, box, vintage look and all. https://www.ebay.it/itm/Seitz-Jeweling-tool-set-with-reamers-pushers-anvils/274079345666 about £300, maybe use a reshipper to lessen customs charges. I have nothing against the Chinese, it's just that in this case their value proposition is not that compelling.
    • I am wanting to start to try to repair my broken side winder.  Where should I post my questions on what may be wrong and how to start?
    • https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/horia-jewelling-tool https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/assortment-24-pump-pushers-24-anvils
    • Would the chinese one not be sufficient though? The tool and full set of 24 stakes and puches for less than £300 The Horia tool and 24 piece set is £1278 on Cousins
    • In this case the difference is not 1:10. A Seitz before stakes and punches is £290 + VAT https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/seitz-jewelling-tool-with-spindle Maybe you can get the needed one as you go. Or bite the bullet for the complete set at £875 + VAT. And I'm sure there are deals on Ebay if patient.
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