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TAG Heuer - Removing Rotating Bezel - Help Needed


Removing Rotating Bezel - Help Needed

Is there anyone in the forum that has experience and/or knowledge removing the outer rotating bezel. I am assuming it has the hexagon (or muli-gon) spring between the bezel and case, as it ratchets when rotating.  I have put light presser with a case splitter to lift the bezel, but it’s not popping off.

Thought is best to reach out before damaging anything.

Model if needed is 980-0208

Thanks in advance, Will  

TAG Heuer Bazel-01.1.jpg

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Solved – Removing outer bezel

A special thanks to @mikeyt_53 (WTF) for responding and relating your experience. These comments along with a number of YouTube video’s, in particular (below)  stopped me from second guessing myself, resulting in successfully removing the TAG bezel.

For those that follow I succeeded using the following method.

1.       Working a knife edge between the case and bottom of bezel, lifting the bezel enough I could spray (into the hex-spring groves) penetrating oil.

2.       With the knife holding a small gap I worked in a small jeweler’s flat screwdriver, widening the gap a bit.

3.       Using a second small flat screwdriver I worked the gap around the bezel bottom until the bezel popped off the case.

Note: that before using this method I tried using a four point case-splitter which did not work.


Again, thank you & good luck




TAG Heuer Bazel-03.jpg

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