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Good day everyone my first time at a watch forum I have a Seiko 6119c 6023 in real disrepair I would like to have a parts list for it and if you can still buy the main Spring nos not even sure this is where I as a newby I should be posting    But Thanks in advance regards bob

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Welcome from Perth Western Australia.

I've just downloaded from Cousins for you the parts list for the 6119c movement and attached it to my post.

Yes it would seem the mainspring is still available from cousins UK.

It is a 1.05 x .115 x 420 x 10.5 Automatic

( GR2534X )

Other parts are limited though.

Welcome to the forum.

3877_Seiko 6119C.pdf

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    • Well, here are my screwdrivers.  The first picture is a Bergeon set my Dad gave me about 50 yrs ago.  The next set was in the watch bench I inherited.  The third set was partially inherited and supplemented with two new bergeon drivers.  The last pic shows large drivers (seldom used) which I inherited.  Most of these are Bergeon and I am quite fond of them.  The others are not, but still old and quite good. I do not understand the color codes, so have printed one for the second set below, so that I can put them in order after I have completed a job.  The first set remains in the box...archived as it were...cherished.
    • The time is NOW...follow your dream.
    • OK, this is a Free Zone so I am going to rant.  Just have to let off some steam. What triggered this rant?  Kodak PLA 3D Filament Here is the overarching them: Brands get pompous and think they can ride on their brand and market $hit. Kodak, in the day, a reliable brand and then (years ago) started selling crap...thinking the mindless public would buy it because of the name.  They are not alone...other brands have suffered the same fate.  Polaroid?  Actually Polaroid is a slightly different story.  They screwed themselves by failing to understand their business.  They thought they were in the "instant film" business when, in reality, they were in the "instant photo" business.  When digital came along, they clutched their cold dead hands around the film business and lost.  Then in a last gasp they started marketing digital products that were pretty much crap with their name on it.  I have personal experience here...because I tried to do a joint venture with Polaroid, IBM and CRUS to bring digital cameras to market.  Fail. Anyway...I bought some Kodak PLA and it is truly crap from hell. I feel better now.  BTW...Polylite PLA never fails
    • Thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to spending time here.
    • Very nice...I will watch for one myself.  Am willing to pay more than 404 to have a watch like this
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