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New Build ST36 in Titanium

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First time working with the 6497.  Much easier than a 3804. A little concerned about the stem sizing and reinserting.  Noticed after last night it had stopped running :(

So far today after a wind its been fine.  I do notice that it seems that during winding to give a hard stop! 

Also not to keen on the Panerai type locking device which isn't too tight when lowered might try a small shim on top of crown to lock it more securely.

Shopping list from ebay for a ST36 Titanium Panerai Homage:

  1. Parnis 34.5mm green luminous black dial Fit for eta 6497 Seagull ST36 movement          $15.00

  2. 22MM 24MM Genuine Vintage Assolutamente Calf Leather Band Strap For Panerai        $18.99

  3. Seagull ST 3600 Replace Eta 6497 Hand Winding Movement 17 Jewels Pocket W             $45.00

  4. Parnis green luminous black edge orange Hand for 44mm case Fit 6497 6498 movement    $9.10

  5. Titanium Sapphire glass 44mm parnis watch case Fit ETA 6497 6498 movement watch    $96.00

  6. Total: $184.09   heck of a lot better than 5k  ...ok I still want a Panerai



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Hello, I am looking to build the same mod myself and I wonder where you bought the titanium case ? I doubt that you remember that since we are in 2023 but idk 😂

Anyway I love the st36 movement finishing, it is even more beautiful when it plays with the lights !

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