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fhf 909 running slow

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FHF 909 in vintage Lucien Piccard is showing average  +10 sec per day, beat error 0.5 and 210 amplitude in six postions.   Seconds hand is circulating at correct speed.   The problem is the minute and hour hands are drastically slow and often stop.  This is all after I serviced.  Thought it might be binding but the movement never stops or slows.. just the two hands.   The watch sets and winds with ease.    Not sure what could be causing this.  I'm confused...

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    • This is amazing, upon closer inspection / disassembled the back. The watch advertisement says 6R15 internal movement. The movement is stamped 4R35B and it does not hack as a 4R35B. I guess it was a cheap knock-off. There ya go, be careful of liquidation sales.   -Nick
    • oils do change viscosity according to temperature..perhaps it has been over oiled?thin and runny at body temperature a little thicker at room temperature? Causing a drag.
    • There are scads of old movements out there.back in the day they melted the cases down..you could put them in a stainless steel case.for wear on your wrist.as stated by milosbn
    • I wanted to see who has purchased Seiko's 6R15 and what their experience has been. I bought a Seiko watch, one of several I have with a 6R15. I have all but given up on Seiko mechanical watches. The 6R15 like the 7S26 or 809....just garbage. I am not a brand person mind you, I could care less. If I was I would have spent $5k on name brand but choose not to because I know what goes into these watches. I am the same way with electronics ( I am an EE). It looked pretty, but couldn't help but notice how light it was, felt cheap. When I put it on my Watch Tester, it was horrible. +19sec dial up, -9 stem down, ...etc. The error was > 0.8 ms. The lowest was 0.6 in a position I would have to break my arm to get to. I have not seen this in any of Miyota movements. Even the horribly cheap ones, tune up beautifully. I just don't seem to have luck with Seiko. Maybe I am being too critical for what these are. The automatic movement weight is stiff, you have to really spin the case to get it moving. No crunching sounds and I can see if working through the 2nd bottom crystal. I am going to see if breaking it in helps, I doubt it, since it didn't help the 7s26 nor the 809. The ETA 2824-2 was reasonable out of the box. Tuning it was a breeze. Anyone work on 6R15's? what's the deal?   -Nick
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