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The movement collection is growing

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Cheers Jim I do appreciate it when you knowledgeable guys give positive comments it makes it all worth it. I’ve got masses to learn but at the moment my mind is like an empty sponge soaking up loads of info. I’ve signed up to the watc repair course on here and still sorting out the BHI course but I’m learning. And I have to say enjoying every moment.

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I’m on my local sellers group and always keep an eye on things that come up cheap. This weekend I collected from a house clearance three non-working clocks. Two are mechanical one a quartz.

i started on this one first and after taking the case apart giving that a good clean, resetting the hands which were loose and cleaning up the battery contacts it’s like a good-un 




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The other two are 8 day Schatz. Both have problems and missing parts. Hands and domes need ordering and both need a good clean.one is a 59 movement with a dodgy hairspring the other is a pendulum based movement. Both are lovely looking pieces. All for £25 so not bad

The Steiger is a heavy lump made out of solid brass plates. Keeping good time and silent so keeps the wife happy.

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    • Typically on the majority of American pocket watches the movement is set up similar to yours.  This is where the watch itself has no stem as that is in the case. So your movement is fine make sure when you're putting it together to lubricate all of the stuff associated with the setting so it's slide smoothly. Link down below so you can look at the pictures. It's not really important but you're missing the micro regulator adjustment. You can still regulate the watch fine without it. Then the crown is most definitely does not look like the right crown for this particular case. It almost looks more like a wristwatch style crown for American watches. I went attached some images you can see what the wristwatch version looks like. Also a picture of the typical pocket watch stem and sleeve arrangement. https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/illinois/4927242
    • Amazing is an understatement. Here is what I got accomplished last night... I got the entire motion works back together. It actually runs great. The oscillating weight spins nice and free. The mainspring barrel is only supported on one side, but it really doesn't seem to have any adverse side effects. Everything was mostly surface rust. I scrubbed everything with a bit of peg wood and it all came off. Any pitting was very shallow, just barely under the plating. I dug out a screw from an older junk Seiko I had to replace the missing bridge screw. I'll work on the keyless works and the day/date components tonight.
    • Thank you @nickelsilver   good thing I asked, never had one and am not familiar with el primero class. Thank you @HSL  I best look into el primero before I become the proud owner of a fake one.
    • Thank you Watchweasol. Both of these PDFs are great and just what I need at the moment. You’re right-the 2nd one is a little over my head, but I am very interested in measuring accuracy of watches, and this helps explain things.  Thanks again!
    • If you want an opinion I agree with nickelsilver, and don't pay anything or a symbolic sum just for fun. Atleast there will be lots of parts for it but not from any swiss manufacurer  
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