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    • Hello, new member here from the Midlands. I've been a keen watch collector for some time and I like to wear a nice watch and have a small collection of modern watches. Then a few months ago I started looking at vintage watches and bought a couple, one specifically for my birth year (1972). Then.... this happened! I became a casualty of Covid and I have been made redundant. So with plenty of time on my hands and the need to keep myself mentally active i've decided to engage in the hobby further. I don't have transferable skills directly from my career but I am willing to give this a shot and see where it takes me. I ordered the equipment required to get started and completed Levels 1&2 of Mark's courses. My first major frustration was when removing the balance end stone the shock spring some how didn't hinge and came out, I picked it up with the tweezers and away it flew! So after an hour (or 6 ) looking for the spring and trying to find one to order I felt quite demoralised and gave up looking. The following morning whilst having a coffee at my work station I could not believe my luck, there it was blending into the work top. So all ended well this time but a real test/realisation for me as I embark on this journey. I've now started practising and yesterday dismantled my first project, which appears to have gone well with no flying parts... but there is a date complication so will be a new challenge in reassembly. I've added a little more equipment and today I should take delivery of a watch cleaning machine (without a manual ). Happy to be here and look forward to learning more and progressing my skills.
    • Hmmm well durability isn't exactly what people normally associate with gold, unless you're talking about its reactivity resistance so it doesn't tarnish for no reason.  The reason why your hands turn color has probably more to do with when you "gave friction" with the sand paper, it wore through the surface plating and exposed the yellow brass underneath. Not a problem if dealing with solid white-gold like in Rolex or anything that's not had a surface treatment of some kind.
    • Yesterday I had a very hard time trying to put the watch back together. The clamp is really difficult to put back. I also had to reduce thickness with a dremel, it was 1.8mm now it's 1.5mm and should enter. Anyway while trying a spring dislodged and now I hope I can put it back.
    • A good try. I have blown the photo up to take a look, the teeth are too high and you have the wrong angle each side, it will be hard for the teeth to mesh when it makes contact with other teeth. I think it will jam up. 
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