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How to remove clock hands?

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Hi *,

It might be a basic question, but for me the hands are a nightmare, both removing and putting them back again. So my question what are the ways to remove the hands of the clock without damaging/bending the dial and the hands. What tool shall I buy? I have seen Mark to use those levers with a plastic bag but in case of the clock you can see on the video it would not work because the minute hand is just too far from the dial. Or a bigger levers would do the job? So much to learn. I hope you ppl don't mind to ask me this.

Best regards,


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3 hours ago, clockboy said:

The clock in the vid to remove the main hands the centre collet unscrews. I use a small puller, of which I have several. Levers are not a good idea for clocks as some clock hands are very tight and damage can happen to the dial. 

How do you remove that collet? Its tricky to grab it and I don't want to scratch it.

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