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Weishi 100 vs 1900 Multi Function Time Grapher

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I have had the 1900 for many years. If I remember correctly I choose this model because it is capable of measuring a co-axle movement.

Also the with 1900 you can adjust the signal level which I use when testing a pin lever movement. I don't think the 1000 has this facility. 





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Having just gotten a 1900 i'm curious about this.
I note it has dual colour tracking dots rather than white on a black screen but I'm unsure beyond this what it has that the other model doesn't.
I have read in a few places that both units, (provided they're not really old models) can measure co-axial escapements but I cannot confirm this.

I'd be happy to list all the menu options on mine to do a side by side comparison against a weishi 1000 unit if a user would be happy to do the same?

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