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    • Thanks for the reply and comments. Noted on the oil for cutting, that's certainly a lesson learned. I used a little oil on the second cut, and a thin wipe of oil on the cutting broach, once I had learned from the original mistake! The bushes I used are shown in the screen grab. They may have been a bit shallow, but they already had the oil sink and I did not have a tool to cut one. I guess If I had a bit more experience in this, I would have chosen differently. Still, very good to know what alternatives there are. The broaches are almost certainly too small for anything larger, I agree. Now you have peaked my interest - invisible bushing? I had come across scree-in bushes... Off now for a read-up! Many thanks for your support and kind words (and, to all who commented). I doubt I would have even attempted it otherwise. Now I have, I have learned something new and hopefully (when I get all together again), will have a working clock at the end of it.
    • With the pallets removed, does the train feel like it’s running freely? And how about as you increase the winding power? If the power delivery looks respectable, then I’d check for something else obvious like mis-locking. How do you adjust the banking pins in terms of their orientation? I knocked up this crude little brass tool recently for correcting some banking pins on a JLC. It’s easier with modern movements are you are more or less just uprighting them. 
    • I have used DX for keyless work for several years, since Mark recommended it : 
    • You have a gem there! That Wittnauer is really a lovely piece, and I like the transistor symbol on the dial. Reminds me of when I was a kid in the sixties, and having a “transistor radio” was a Cool Thing. I see that the drive mechanism is very similar to the Luch electromechanicals. On a related note, one of my Luch watches is engraved on the back too... in Russian, so I have no idea what it says; but yeah, every one of our watches has a story. Cheers, Gryf
    • Okay so the cap jewel was placed the wrong way and the dome went inwards... Should've checked that earlier... Thanks for all the answers!  
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