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    • Just in case anyone missed it. Watch Repair Channel now covers the Poljot cal, 3133:  
    • Not an issue to Europe. My standard with unregistered mail is 10 days but I have got packags in less than a week sometime. 
    • Thank you very much for your comments. I agree with you all. I am sort of hoping that I might get away with it as all the train has to do is rotate the power reserve hand, and most of the pivot holes are not jeweled. I suspect you are all correct and it will not work.  HSL, you are spot on, as I did not have an exact match of wheel, and then once I got to the soldering stage, when I saw the gaps due to my dodgy workmanship, I wish I had a mini milling cutter (a machine I do not have). I found it hard to be accurate with a file as the 3 teeth are about 0.8mm across, so it was difficult to hold. Over the weekend I should be able to get back to it to see how it fairs
    • You mean the calendar plates? These are not aluminum, neither particularly thin.
    • I also find watch history very amusing and interesting; this is first time I seen that K on a Certina watch and immediately my thirst for knowledge kicks in. When you say early Certinas, which timespan do this include, from the Grana time to when? Most of my vintage pre 1950 Grana/Certinas has no stamp on the crown, by the appearance of those crowns they look quite modern. Could it be the K stamped on the crowns was not very common since that logo was for a German Glashutte watchmaker named Ernst Kurtz so it couldn´t be put on Certinas out of copyright issues?
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