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    • Welcome here and good luck with your endeavors. I look forward to your technical postinga to enrich this forum. 
    • It's running but there is a part you can see in the photos that is no longer attached.  I don't know what it is.  I don't want the clock so if anyone wants a free clock it's there's.
    • Hi any one know the shape of the click on a GSW cal 50 It looks like it should be hammer shaped.I cannot get any info on the click. I ask as i ordered a click and spring off cousins ( and they say its the correct one) It comes with a screw as well.but i will be damned if i see how it supposed to fit. cheers gary
    • Hello,   Just writing my first post.. I've occasionally serviced and repaired watches on and off for probably the last 15 years - only my own, mostly pocket watches. In more recent times I've decided to make my setup and approach more professional (such as switching from AG Thomas oil to Moebius, and hoping - prior to the current months of lock-down and financial riskiness - to take some of the BHI week-long courses to gain some official training beyond old books). A couple of months ago I made a new hook for a fusee chain.   Jonathan
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