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    • Hi Gary looks like a reaction between the base metal and the dial paint (oxydisation) probanly due to moisture . Other than stripping the dial I don't think there is a lot can be done unfortunatley.
    • Thank you for answering . Please excuse my ignorance on this subject  Do mean it’s best to use the stem with the Plastic crown that came with the movement? And please could you let me know what the ‘set’ position is ? regards
    • Hi Gary at all times unless testing the movement leave the battery out, whilst manipulating the stem into position .  It will be best to use the stem provided with the module. some of the modules require you to put the stem into set position before removing as this keeps the clutch assembly and associated gears in place to enable an easy fit of the stem. Failure to do so causes the clutch to drop requiring re alignment before the new stem can be fitted. To do that you need to remove the calendar work to gain access to the keyless work.  I have attached the tech sheet which covers this movement for you.        good luck ETA 955.102, 955.112, 955.122, 955.132, 955.402, 955.412, 955.422, 955.432.pdf
    • I did end up seeing the difference between the top and bottom cap-jewels on the Incabloc. That was nice to learn. Thanks, JohnR725! Still, even after making sure the end-stones were in their proper places, the watch was making an odd audible tick intermittently. And it would stop. I took a second to look at the balance assembly and saw that the regulator arm was displaced a bit off of the top of the balance cock. I hadn't removed it for cleaning, so it wasn't me. No matter though. I situated it properly on balance cock and the watch is now running very strongly. I'll see how long it does so. It is no longer making the odd audible tick so I'm pretty confident that all will be well. Thanks all ! Premature victory dance. I should have known better. Little bugger stopped again. Rats!    
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