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    • Some might have noticed I started a thread first about buying, then about making my own.  A friendly cautionary tale to those like myself who are just getting into this hobby and like the wonderful pictures of benches on Amazon and eBay.  It seems that all who sell benches, sell the one I purchased.  I was reluctant to note the manufacturer, but it's necessary for this post.  Doesn't matter from whom you purchase, just be aware of a few things.  The drawer assemblies are laid back-down, and any dropping and/or gravity causes the false fronts to stay put, as the drawers themselves drop.  This results in the fronts splitting, splintering and ending up with sharp staples where the front used to be.  The layout is classic (from what I've been seeing) but the quality is simply not there.  ALL wood is veneer, and the backs and sides could be split by a stern talking to.  Some list the manufacturer, many don't.  Some have a nameplate, some don't, but Grobet is the manufacturer and it seems these were made by the hundreds, boxed, and sit on warehouse shelves.  Lastly, the wood is dehydrated and shrunk to the point where the typical hardware holes no longer line up.  You can certainly fix this, but as my wife said, "You're putting that $700 desk back in the box."  (That included shipping).  Last word: do not buy a desk unless you can put your eyes on it.  Mark Twain's quote comes to mind: "Beleive nothing of what you hear, and 50% of what you see."     
    • In the event you need a time-sensitive answer, I'd guess that watchweasol did mean to use the stem that came with the replacement movement. Perhaps that is because it will not have wear on it that the old one will have. It probably won't matter much though, providing the watch it was in was winding and setting well before replacing it. If you use the new stem you will likely have to cut the stem a touch and fit the crown. "Set" position means with the stem pulled out in the position to set the hands. Good luck.
    • Sorry I meant to say the watch has a quick date set and time set position ? thanks 
    • I would like to try my hand at doing some different types of case finishes (circular brushing, radial lines of sunburst finishes etc.), and I,ve seen these finishes done on small lathes with the 3 jaw and the results looked quite good.   Would the extra steps in setting up the 4 jaw be evident in the results that I would get?
    • For my curiosity, which is what?
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