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Hello fellow watch enthusiasts.

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Hello everyone, my name is Mark, I live in north Norfolk, UK. I am 56 years old, vital statistics: 42, 44, 33. I believe I am a late-comer to the world of watch repair, having only began this quest about 2 months ago.However, after watching (pun intended) a couple of watchrepairchannel videos, purely by chance, I am now totally addicted. So you can expect to hear quite a lot from me in the coming weeks, months and years.

Best wishes to you all. 

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Hi Nucejoe,

Thanks for the reply. Here are some pictures of the watch as requested. In the laying flat position the watch runs really nicely with a very even tick. But when it's in the upright position the balance wheel begins to struggle and the watch will stop after just a few minutes.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks again, Mark




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    • Hi and welcome Dan. Enjoy the forum.
    • Welcome Dan  I too have many hobbies but love the watch and clock aspects but flyfish when time and weather allow plus fly tying , gardening and Diy  plenty to do
    • Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum.
    • A soak in diesel fuel, naphta for day or two,  ends the old story of heads popping off the screws. I remove balance cock pallets and soak the rest, give one dip in a fluid I can stand the odor of. Any cheap multipurpose oil would do. I use several solutions, detergent seperately and brush extesively.  
    • Hello forum folks, I've been tinkering with watches for maybe 5 years now. I'm very much a beginner but I have been practicing on cheap watches and movements that it is ok to break. I've managed to make my own watch dial from a brass sheet, including brushing, rhodium plating, printing, and creating applied markers and numerals. I've also made a "smart" watch using epoxy-based putty for the case and my electronics knowledge. I have some basic skills in metal finishing including polishing and plating. So I've mostly worked on the non-movement aspects of watchmaking and am interested into learning about servicing movements. I live in the Milwaukee area and was thrilled to see MATC (local trade school) on lists of schools that teach watchmaking -- just to have that dashed when I contacted them and the class has been discontinued for lack of interest  So for now, I have online and book resources to learn. I have a mostly cheap watch collection other than a Longines that I treasure. I have a few different old timex mechanicals I got off of ebay, including 2 from JerseyMo which I saw is on this forum. I have have way more hobbies than time so I'll probably be around off and on. Dan
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