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    • Nicely done. Yes Valve and tube are the same thing, I still find it amazing that we can all be talking the same language and sometimes still not know what each other means. due to georgraphic variations of some words. The one that creates the greatest confusion between Australia and the UK is the little rubber 'shoe' you put on your feet. In the USA I think you call it a 'flip flop' in the NZ they are called Jandles (No idea why), in Australia we call them 'thongs' which I know in the UK and I think the USA is skimpy bathers which in AUstralia are called G-strings. You can imagine the looks I got when I first went to the UK and told people that in the summer in Australia it was generally too hot to wear shoes and so I would usually just wear my 'thongs'
    • Some of the low cost meters do have frequency ranges, and since a quartz watch typically operates at a relatively low frequency, they should be able to measure the crystal fairly accurately. Some may even do a reasonable job of measuring 1Hz.  I'll have a play with mine and see what I come up with. Even the really cheap ones, particularly if they are based on the DTM0660 chip-set are often capable of true RMS and frequency measurement. I have a really cheap Victor VC 921,  that I (as my alter ego "itsthatidiotagain") hacked about a while back. https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/hacking-the-victor-vc-921/ http://www.kerrywong.com/2016/03/19/hacking-dtm0660l-based-multimeters/#comment-874169 There are also some of the Aneng models that might fit the bill. I wouldn't trust any of the cheap'n cheerful Chinese low cost meters near "real" electricity, as their CAT ratings are usually unverified, and wildly exaggerated, but for this kind of work, they are probably fine.
    • Just to make a distinction, this is not pivot polishing, this is pivot cleaning, there is a big difference. If the pivot is just dirty this might be ok, but not if it has wear or worse rust spots. It can not restore a barrelled or tapered pivot back to straight, for this you need a Jacot tool or something similar and pivot files / sapphire burnisher and or steel burnisher. For dirty pivots that cleaning fluid alone cant clean I personally use pegwood with a bit of jewelers rouge with oil mixed in on my Jacot tool. This will remove dirt and oxidation but no good steel. The fine grain rubber is still only 800 which in watch making terms is still very course, and if you don't clean it off completely could lead to premature wear on the jewels and pivots. I certainly looks like a quick short cut but there is a reason why you don't see this taught anywhere or in any books.
    • The guy behind this is not just very competent, but also generous and systematic in sharing his analysis. I have learned a lot about practical electronics and was able to chose a modest DMM that altough satisfying for general use, is not good enough for complete quartz module testing. The search continues. https://lygte-info.dk/info/DMMinfo.html  
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