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Hi all,  My name is Andrew and live on Anglesey in North Wales, I have been interested in watches for quite  some time but only now have I had the time to enjoy the hobby. I started off by stripping my old SKX,and managed to get it back together and working, what a buzz. Other than watches I’m also into flying and diving.

best regards to everyone,Andrew 

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Congratulations on your first success and welcome to the forum. You can learn a lot as a beginner here. Don't be afraid to ask (if you can't find what you need using the search function). I have had nothing but positive responses to my questions, which isn't something you can say about many forms.

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    • Alternatively you could use tinned copper wire.It solders very easily.
    • Pierre Chevelle. gran sport 150. My father got it for me about 50 years ago.A cigar smoker ,he got it in exchange for cigar bands from the Phillies he smoked.Still have it. I just installed a new crystal.It awaits a clean lube and adjust.
    • Dear all, I recently had the pleasure of finding a damaged hairspring needing care. My first! It’s an inexpensive orient watch, gaining 20 minutes a day. I am taking Mark’s fault finding course, and have other inexpensive hairsprings to practise with. I also got some vintage tools I’d love to use. Until now for me levellers were only the Oliver Cromwell people, but ebay never ceases to surprise... I could pass the first stages of correcting the coil, with two tweezers. But could not find a use for the vintage tools. Could you help me to figure it out?  Picture 1 is the bent hairspring  picture 2 and 3 the box of tas levellers picture 4 is the hairspring suffering under my tweezers now picture 5 shows the tip of the tools picture 6: from De Carle. Would this be the purpose of the levellers? The overcoil? 
    • my first running watch was an Wyler squire.  i wore the case out,  the mvt. would fall out at work.  i still have it and another with a similar case.   vin
    • First watch was a Kered    from Shepherds of the shambles in York, alas no longer in business. The plus side is I still have the watch it was a 21st birthday pressie, and even better it still ticks  54 years later although the dial has a water mark ,    I even wore it playing cricket for 12 years. 
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