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Rolex precision 6466 stop when crown screw down

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Hello guys

Why my rolex precision 6466 stops when crown screw down..

But it runs again when crown not screw down or in manual wind position?

It stops when the crown enter too deep inside the movement..


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Personally, I've never owned a Rolex but I've experienced this same issue with Seiko divers. There is a rubber seal in the base of the crown and due to age and use, it can become brittle and break, causing it to fall out of the crown in small bits. When this happens, the space previously occupied by the rubber gasket allows the crown to seat further into the watch, thereby interfering with the normal operation. 

You will likely need to remove the stem and crown, install a new crown gasket or o-ring, whichever is required, and all should return to normal. I might add that if the gasket has perished, likely your watch is due or even overdue for a full service.

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    • Providing spares is what Swatch don't want to do. They make authorised dealers jump through hoops to be authorised dealers. I'm sure Swatch want to have the monopoly of watch repair of their watches, then they can charge as much as they like to repair and sway people into buying and not repairing. 
    • The one I linked to seems to already include the Rolex dies and the adapter and as far as I can see it is the same tool as listed here on Cousins. The reviews are good and the price is slightly lower than at Cousins, so unless any of you see any warning signs, I will pull the trigger tomorrow. Thanks for clarifying about the punches. If there's one thing I hate, it's ordering the wrong tool.
    • It doesn't magically make them all fall into place, but it has helped me a few times.    Actually not. You can angle them. Well, depends on the model, but I believe most people on the forum use similar types that can definitely be angled.  .. theoretically even to the point that you look sideways into the movement, but practically not really (because then the eyepieces are in a very weird position and hard to look into.  But the magnification, lighting (with LED ring) and overall (stereo) clarity of vision really help a lot. E.g. you can see a pivot through the jewel when it touches the jewel but hasn't gone into the hole (when looking straight down) - then you can nudge the wheel and see the pivot move towards the hole. Just an example.  I worked without a stereo microscope until March this year, so I know it's possible without. But having one now, I wouldn't want to go back.  Kudos to you for sticking up for the traditional way and persevering. You got the skills and experience.. 
    • I just found an amazing tool for translation (much better than Google Translate): https://www.deepl.com/translator. And the app (DeepL) saves you tonnes of time!
    • I will often relate learning watch repair is similar to learning to become a doctor. It requires studying may be reading a book definitely reading tech sheets if you can find them but studying understanding. Then practicing continuous practicing forever practicing. Everybody preparing a watch no matter what the level is still practicing exactly the same as a doctor. There are no absolute experts everybody has room to learn. Typically for Springs a magnet will work really well. Then by magnet I don't mean a little magnet something much larger at work we have something that's mounted on a handful with a rather powerful magnets that we can sweep across the floor and sometimes across our bodies looking for hoping to find which for the most part we do. Unfortunately there's a lot of problems with YouTube watch repair videos. For instance the video that you have says servicing? Did he actually service the watch in other words were repairs made or is this really a how to clean the watch video? Then even just for servicing no problems you just disassemble clean the watch put it back together how long does it take can you do it in 15 minutes? How long did the video last versus how long did it take you to service the watch? They skip steps lots of steps so many of the watch repair videos are really entertaining videos that don't cover everything and usually definitely do not cover repairs. At least not a lot of them.   This presents an interesting problem? Watches like this were assembled with automated machinery gears all drop in the place the plates drops on top no human hand touch this watch. But a lot of watches specially vintage stuff tapping Is wishful thinking if you think the pivots will go into place. This brings up a problem with stereo microscopes you're looking straight down. In the dark ages of watch repair when I learned we didn't use microscopes and we were instructed to sit in such a way that you're basically looking into the watch's you can see in the pivots you can see what's going on. Often times I've seen when people are looking straight down even with their super high-power microscope they just really aren't getting a clear picture of what they're doing. It be better if your microscope could be angled at an angle so you can see things a little better as opposed to looking straight down. But I'm sure the entire group embraces their microscope so this would go against the group so carry on with your microscope.            
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