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Crazy Pocket Watch Fix

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Ok, got this pocket watch not working. Made a balance staff and cleaned it up and works great. Problem I had is that some bat watchmaker out a blob of solder at the 1 o’clock position on the case, to hold in the leaver that needs to be in to set the watch. So, I got out my torch, remover the solder. Then I took a piece of mainspring, doubles in over (using heat) and formed it to slide into the gap between the movement and the case: to hold in the leaver. Much better fix and works great.063fa7295097de6819fc89608e347e23.jpg872f9d2fb05ef1c9a328f2bcdbb8dc97.jpgd653af252dcade6f6cdd8327e116a874.jpg33a748c5492e4c3c68f470e7b86d6ec3.jpg5daf2ccbe01e83f3ee68b33b46eafcdf.jpg The beat error is a little high but the Amplitude is around 230, with a swing way over 450 degrees. And it sets the time wonderfully.



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Your thinking cap came in handy. Many repairers just reach for the soldering iron and sod the consequences.

I love a puzzle. I thought if I do this and the movement needs servicing in the future, the small piece of folded over mainspring can be easily removed.

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