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Hello all, my name is Erik. I am new to the forum and have just recently become interested in watches. I have been apprenticing under my elderly uncle to learn clock making for the past few years.  I have learned but not mastered enough skills that I can usually make a clock work again. My wife and kids are not amused by the number of clocks running in my house (13 in view as I sit writing this). I have a Seiko 5 I bought new as a gift for myself in 1992 when I was 19. It has been treated poorly, but still ran flawlessly sitting idle for years, then shake and wear for a night. I now have a new interest in watches and started wearing my Seiko daily to find it runs inconsistently. I opened it and adjusted it and couldn't get it right. I bumped the balance adjustment, scratched the case and realized I know nothing about watches!  As I began researching I found myself wanting more watches and wanting to learn how to fix them. I'm hoping to transition some of my clock tools and knowledge to watches. I am hoping to start collecting some specific tools so I can at least do cleaning and basic repair. 

I look forward to someday having something to contribute to the watch community. 


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      Hi. My name is Tony. I'm from New Jersey, in the United States. I have a modest entry level collection of quartz and mechanical watches.
           I enjoy repairing electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment. I want to learn how to maintain and repair a wide variety of watches.
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    • No no no ... reverse threaded opens by turning clockwise
    • The one on the small wheel ( crown wheel) is reverse threaded, opens in anticlock direction. I would mix WD 40 and the oil you got to, apply generously and give at least 24hrs for the solution to penetrate.  Is this your first victim?    If so, perhaps we should practice on some cheap movement first.   Regards     
    • I just searched ebay everyday until the parts were available. This type of dial is very difficult to find. I started with a case then I found the dial that fit that case and then find a movement that will fit the case. If it doesnt fiT then just make it fit. Saw, grind, file, paint, whatever u need to do to make it fit.
    • I've tested all screws and they are all sufficiently loose enough to undo them except for the three stated. I've tried to reverse the three but am worried I will either tighten them more or break something. I'm reuploaded the image with the screws in particular circled in red and the good ones in green. I really hope that loctite is not the case...
    • N8 is not the caliber it's the date code (N for the decade, 1970's, and 8 for the year number, so 1978). Are there any marks in the main plate underneath the balance wheel? This is a french made movement so I suspect it's an FE, possibly a 140-C
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