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    • I have a 1900 and works very reliably. As mentioned above if your watches have big thick cases you should try adjusting gain or remove the caseback.
    • I'm looking forward to seeing what $4.94 has netted you.   I think $4.04 might be a little tight (as if £4.04 isn't already somewhat restrictive ). $4.94 has a nice ring to it.  
    • There's a mark under the balance, but I can't make it out in the photo. It's the similar, but not quite the same watch at the top of the above photo based on the corners of the case, and I assume the rest are similar. The finish is odd, and that shock spring looks like one I keep seeing on French movements. Any ideas? https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/XYkAAOSwh~xd3qFJ/s-l1600.jpg
    • Hi @VWatchie From what I remember,  I roughened up the wall of the barrel with a bit of wet and dry paper, and used a strong braking grease - 8213. I think the spring was performing OK in the end. I never did get great amplitude. As @nickelsilver suggested, this probably isn't due to the mainspring, but as it just sits in my collection, I'm not bothered. I'll have another go at it one day. It's an unconventional gear train, and the most complicated movement I've worked on - talk about springs ! Don't assume that new springs are OK - I've had several instances when I've repeatedly stripped movements to try and figure out why the amplitude has been so low, and it turned out that the 'new' mainsprings were dud - i.e. not springy Good luck
    • Well... You guys got me inspired. You may be onto something with this "404 club" thing. I've been casually trolling eBay the past few evenings, and thought I'd give it a shot. I converted £4.04 to USD ($4.94), and started tossing around throwaway "Best Offer(s)". I actually scored one, and not even one but seven! A lot of 6 identical, and a seventh very very similar watches with 17J manual wind movements. They look like the cases are silver plated (no photos of where any telling marks might be found, so I'm going with plated) and thoroughly tarnished. What's more, they look mostly NOS and unworn; some still have bits of sticker on the back. No idea what the movement is, but I figure if I can't get at least most of them up and running and sold to make a few bucks for the next "404 club" buy, I'm doing something very very wrong. 
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