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    • By expensive you mean about $160? I notice one on eBay when I did a search it looks like it's in a really nice condition. When I was looking for your part online I did find one missing the discs? This implies that they come out perhaps. The Rolex parts listings are weird because the 1570 refers you back to the base caliber of 1530 neither listings indicate this ring? But if you go to the 15 75 which has a base caliber 1530 the ring is there. So on that listing where we can see the ring you can see the other part that I highlighted the stud and I think that's what you're looking for. In any case if that's your problem and you  don't want to pay to get a replacement then I would push it out and see if you can polish it.
    • Thank you for the comments. Tony
    • This is an early peseux 320, a fine movement jeweled pallet and true work horse, one piece stem and a front loader. Countless brands housed one, though different grades.  I too recommend it be entrusted with experienced hands to tick for another generation. Regards 
    • Practice is the main thing, beyond that it's also safe to assume that every part has a purpose and will fit where it is intended (don't force anything).. this isn't always the case, particularly with 19th century watches which were rather handmade - similar screws may be found with punch marks to indicate which goes in each hole, or jewel locations, etc.. in this case the screw threads may not be identical like modern threads. On modern movements some bits like the bridge screws are pretty interchangeable, usually with a shorter screw to clear the keyless works. If in doubt take pictures, I use my phone camera for stuff which is likely to cause some questions - usually for camera shutters but it applies to anything new to me.. and having a few pictures afterwards can be nice to look back on too. I'd recommend taking a picture of the keyless works for the first few times - occasionally I still find little springs are going to be difficult to remember to get their places correct - say if they're the same size but only have some slight difference. Lastly there are some guides, forums, and blogs which can be helpful for gaining an insight into other peoples practices or solutions to problems.
    • Hello everybody, I've managed to make some scratches with a cotton swab on my seiko 5's dial while trying to remove some dirt. can you recommend a way to polish this dial before i make another mistake? Thank you very much for your precious time reading this!  
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