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My Rolex Precision Date Cant Change

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Thats what I’m thinking... the teeth broke off.

Can be many different things including the setting mechanism like the yoke or other elements may have become uncoupled. But the fact that the date doesn’t change either by quickest nor by advancing the time tells me it’s something at the calendar side.

Makes sense?

Hopefully it’s something that can be adjusted though! [emoji1317]

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My brother had a Rolex Oysterdate movement 3135 that did the same thing.

It would sometimes change, other times it would not.

Mechanism is probably the same.

A gear broke several teeth. See attached pictures.

***16.jpg was a Rodico picking up some of the fractured pieces

Hope this helps.




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11 hours ago, jguitron said:

Hello my friend @evn137

I think the problem is the date wheel broke off,uncoupled from the lane maybe..

Cause if the gear teeth broke(like your pictures)it can still moves maybe after 2 days or 3 days,sometimes change

But what happen to mine is it won't change at all,even after i tried to move to the next 2 days or 3 days it still stuck in there date 30 and wont change to 31

By the way thankyou very much for your opinion my friend..


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