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    • Most of the dial decal process descriptions I've read have used plain water as an aide to positioning the dial. Has anyone experimented with Microsol and Microset to see if there's any advantage as opposed to using just water? I did note that @manodeoro mentioned using Microset in places on his illustrated tutorial. \\\ On another note, I'm corresponding with someone on Reddit who is experimenting with direct laser toner transfer for creating custom dials. That method has some advantages in that there's no clear film to worry about, but I suspect that it's a lot more difficult to get quality results. I've used xylene to transfer color laser toner from plain printer paper to different media to some success, and the principle is the same for a custom watch dial.
    • An update on the OWA issue: I ordered a new replacement part for the watch and it arrived a few days ago. Thanks to Watchweasol's tech sheet, the installation and lubrication went very smoothly. Had I the attention span of a grapefruit, I would have noted in Watchweasol's tech sheet the sole, but crucial difference between the AS1361 and the AS1361N: the diameter of the oscillating weight axle has been increased on the New version of this movement. Of course, I didn't notice and I ordered a part for the old version. Now I have an attached, albeit very wobbly rotor and it's all going back into the To Do drawer until an inexpensive parts movement turns up.  Thank you, Watchweasol for the tech sheet, and thank you MaverickWaz for the advice on using my staking set to remove the old axle, it worked a charm. 
    • This is a really inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your photos and progress reports. I'm not yet brave enough to take on a project like this, but it's really cool to see what is possible.
    • Good job.     Hairspring end got out of where ever it was tangled, easily didn't it? Imagine or try doing this with the stud attached. Where it still can use more sorting out is easier to identify from the picture, Picture of a new hairspring makes a good model. I would rest for a while, let your mind come back to this naturally, before your second attack,  one or two more attempts and you are very likely to have a near perfect coil.  Sort out as if you are sculpturing.  Good luck.  
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