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    • Thank you it makes it much easier to find the reference if you know where it actually is in the book versus the page number. Especially when you have multiple editions of the book and things tend to shift around a little bit. Then anyone who has the third edition it's page 156 So I see is that Henry does actually use the term dirty. Then from the link above " Crusty pivots, like crusty jewels, need a thorough scrubbing ". I guess maybe I'm being overly nitpicky tarnished in my mind is not the same as crusty and scrubbing is not the same as polishing.
    • I made a posting in this forum and made a mistake. I thought a case is part of a watch but I was mistaken. I will have to search another place for help repairing my watches. You have a very nice group and forum here and I wish all of you the best. I will leave the group so I will not make this mistake again.  Goodbye
    • Which part is causing the issue?   Model 24 Service manual attached.   24.pdf
    • There is one itsy-bitsy problem with the picture though? It appears to be the balance wheel isn't in the watch? Yes I know when it's in the watch it's really really hard to see it's easier to see if it's out of the watch but if it's rubbing touching bumping and causing an issue that is usually in the watch not when it's out of the watch. So the problem occurs in the watch that is where you need to look at it. Out of the watch the balance wheel is not in its alignment with both pivots it usually can lean a little bit. So ideally when you're looking at a problem like this you should be looking at it in the watch for the most part.
    • It looks pretty good to me (Said the idiot that totally trashed a hairspring doing a VERY SIMPLE JOB yesterday).   My suggestion would be to look elsewhere for the low amplitude issues BEFORE you even consider touching the HS.    Mainspring, train freedom, dirt, pivots, etc.  HS work is difficult at best. Good Luck, RMD
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