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Made New Balance Staff For 16S Elgin PW

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Had to make a balance staff for an Elgin 16S Pocket watch. Used the old on as a sample and cut 90% of the staff without flipping it around. The pivots were 0.12mm and I needed to use the Jacot tool to remove material from the pivots for the final fit. As well, I shaved too much material off the hairspring side and needed to reduce the size of the collet with my staking set. Also needed to adjust the hairspring as it moved when I compressed the hairspring. Photos and video(hairspring collet reduction)e7881321f8b1b7ff0e48bf92f923ff23.jpgf947d9aaa887f62ed2bf42da14a4b8eb.jpg3f887c31a985c740b03628fee53406a2.jpgc76ae07231789a37d128ca6b698ac62f.jpg27cf08545f5e1585d2661caefb09e0c9.jpg590fbc26e2d00c4faaefc40436678fd5.jpg



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Mate that is excellent work, have you a cross slide on your lathe or did you do all that with hand gravers?

Did it all with 2mm flat and rounded gravers. Take the big material down with 5mm gravers. I do have crossslides but this work needs to be done by hand to take precisely the right amount of material as the balance is friction fit.

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